Welcome to Distillery Consultants!

Distillery Consultants is founded by Mr SURYA PRAKASH TEWARI, a Bio- Chemical Engineer from HBTI,Kanpur and is having vast industrial experience & expertise in the field of Distillery. Mr S.P. TEWARI has worked with leading distilleries of india for more than 40 years and was responsible for erection & commissioning of new projects both molasses and grain based followed with production operation, Bottlery and effluent treatment plant.


Business Specifics

1. Based at:Noida, UP. (India)..
2. Profile:Technology Providers, General Consultancy.
3. Year of Establishment:2013.


What We Offer

1.General consultancy.
2. Process design packages.
3.Process modeling and solutions.
4.Process trouble shooting and solutions.
5.Inhancement of process parameters.
6.Project Management.
7.Commissioning and trouble shooting.
8.Modernization De-bottlenecking and trouble shooting for existing plants.
9.Process plant simulation for distillation system for industrial, potable, fuel alcohol.
10.Configuration of most energy efficient distillation system based on the available energy.